The safest and most profitable type of investment

Which type of investment is the most profitable, promising and of course it must also be safe, at least it has a small risk, although it is well known.

This means that the greater the risk of investing, the greater the chance of profit to be obtained later.

There are various types of investments aimed at obtaining financial benefits and broadly they have been divided into 2 groups, namely short-term investments and long-term investments.

For the types of financial products themselves, the most popular and well-known for the Indonesian people as investment facilities include:

• Time Deposit

• Bonds

• Unit links

• Mutual Funds

• Stocks and many other types

4 forms or types of investment that are promising, safe and quite profitable

The following is a review of 4 examples of investments in accordance with the level of risk borne, but in proportion to the profit (profit) that will be obtained.

Type of cash investment

In the form of cash funds, it can be understood that this promising investment is not much different or similar to ordinary savings, deposits, and mutual funds.

With a very small level of risk, the profit opportunities that can be obtained are only in the range of 6% per year of the amount of funds invested.

As a simulation, we take for example if an investor saves 100 million in money, then within a year, he will only earn a profit of 6 million or around 500 thousand for each month.

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5 Strategies to Increase Revenue and Profits for Business

The way or strategy to increase business profits and income in business logically is to use a factor of times from what has been done and achieved before.

While on the other hand, there are still several other supporting factors which aim to increase company profits, it is necessary to take appropriate steps so that all efforts taken also have better quality and performance.

In today’s era, it has demanded that a person be able to compete in various fields, in addition to having the courage to take risks to try new things in various business and business opportunities.

Business growth or expansion in a more advanced and larger direction is the main goal of every entrepreneur, because it will certainly be in line with the increase in income and profits he achieves.

The following are ideas that are quite constructive or to motivate new thinking, in order to get an idea of ​​​​the most rational way to develop business and business.

Adding products and services

When your business is already running, and then thinking about increasing profits, simply increasing the number of products and services is one strategy that sounds easy.

But at least before deciding to increase product capacity, it would be better if you understand what products and services are most demanded by consumers.

Meanwhile, the most serious obstacle for small entrepreneurs in an effort to increase production is in the capital sector.

Bigger or more sales target

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5 Tips for Achieving Success at a Young Age That Can Be Implemented Early

Success at a young age is not just a dream and wishful thinking, for those of you who are serious and want to be able to achieve success, you can start as early as possible. The earlier you start and know what to do, the higher your chances of success.

Tips for Achieving Success Still at a Young Age

Make a dream about your future career and work

From junior and senior high school age, create dreams about the career and work you want to do in the future.

Having a clear dream of a career in the future will make it easier for you to choose the fastest step to achieve success, besides that you are also more enthusiastic about pursuing the dream that suits you.

Choose the education that suits your dreams

If your dream is to become a successful entrepreneur, then the tips for success at a young age that you can run are to choose an education at a business school or study at a well-known university business major in this field.

By taking the same education as your dreams, you will achieve success faster than if you choose an education that is not in accordance with your interests and dreams, although it is possible for you to succeed, but the road will be longer and tougher than if you take the education that suits your dreams.

Set aside 25 percent of your income in a year

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The Way To Handle Your Money

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