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There can also be a jump set that is used when the ball is simply too close to the web. In this case, the setter normally jumps off their right foot straight as much as avoid going into the net. The setter normally stands about ⅔ of the way from the left to the right of the online and faces the left . Also referred to as reception, the move is the try by a team to correctly handle the opponent’s serve or any type of attack. Proper handling consists of not only stopping the ball from touching the court but also making it attain the place where the setter is standing rapidly and exactly. A player stands behind the inline and serves the ball, in an attempt to drive it into the opponent’s court docket. The primary objective is to make it land inside the court docket; it is also desirable to set the ball’s path, velocity and acceleration so that it turns into tough for the receiver to handle it correctly.

This means that the blocker who would otherwise not have to dam the setter is engaged and should permit one of many hitters to have a neater assault. Outside hitters or Left facet hitters attack from close to the left antenna. The outside hitter is often essentially the most consistent hitter on the staff and will get the most units.


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Systems can consist of 5 receivers, four receivers, 3 receivers, and in some instances 2 receivers. The most popular formation at greater levels is a 3 receiver formation consisting of two left sides and a libero receiving every rotation. This permits middles and right sides to turn into extra specialised at hitting and blocking. Sometimes a setter refrains from elevating the ball for a teammate to carry out an assault and tries to play it instantly onto the opponent’s court docket. This can only be performed when the setter is in the entrance row, otherwise it constitutes an unlawful back court docket attack. The most common dumps are to ‘throw’ the ball behind the setter or in entrance of the setter to zones 2 and 4.


In addition to the setters, a typical lineup will have two center hitters and two exterior hitters. After service, the gamers in the front row move into their assigned positions.

This motion is simply unlawful if the server makes use of the screen, so the call is made at the referee’s discretion as to the impression the screen made on the receiving team’s capacity to pass the ball. The most typical fashion of screening entails a W formation designed to take up as a lot horizontal space as potential. Offensive systems are the formations utilized by the offence to aim to ground the ball into the opposing court . Formations usually embrace designated player positions with skill specialization . There are also several completely different attacking schemes teams can use to keep the opposing defence off balance.