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And as a personality comes right into a story to satisfy a sure function nevertheless it’s a it’s a You know, it’s it’s a, it’s a generic to that to that genre. And so when you have a family, the roles are mother, father, children guide, they’re okay, those are roles, characters are our distinctive human beings, we inhabit these roles. And and there’s a design of a cast, such that the protagonist, and the central character at role is essentially the most complicated character function. And they are they, they’re, depending on the style, they’re the most dimensional character of all. Your card didn’t undergo the, the, the best way you write the phrases and gesture for that character provides her a trait. And so roles have traits and, and to make, even that moment, when there’s a human being behind that, that trait. And so if she’s sarcastic, if she’s fed up with with the job itself or with with folks whose playing cards by no means work, or she’s sympathetic as a result of her playing cards don’t work.

And, and if anyone is definitely begging, there’s obtained to be another stage of what they’re actually doing underneath the baking. And, and so you need to, you realize, the writer has to suppose to that by begging. What that dialogue is actually a mask for manipulating that particular person.

books & film

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