The Best Tourist Destination in Bali You Must Visit

The island of Bali has succeeded in becoming one of the world-class tourist destination currently owned by Indonesia. The popularity of Bali in the eyes of domestic and foreign tourists is none other than due to its natural beauty and culture owned by Balinese people. So that it has succeeded in becoming an attraction for tourists. Not only that, entertainment and tourism infrastructure has also been prepared as ready to welcome you on holiday to Bali with your beloved relatives or family.

For those of you who are planning tours within the country, there’s nothing wrong with including Bali in your holiday itinerary, you will find a wide variety of tourist attractions ranging from nature tours, historical tours, to nightlife tours that are ready to entertain you.

The following are suggestions for tourist attractions in Bali that you can use as a reference.

1. Bali Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana or also known as GWK is one of the destinations frequently visited by tourists, GWK itself is a cultural park in which there is a large statue of Lord Vishnu who is God for Hindus

The GWK statue actually has a certain philosophy, namely Lord Vishnu who is stared at by Hindus as the protector of the universe. The Garuda bird symbolizing loyalty and selfless dedication, then Kencana which means gold. The Garuda bird is also the symbol of the state of Indonesia, which means independence.

GWK has succeeded in becoming an icon of pride for the Indonesian people. Especially the Balinese, because the manufacturing process took 28 years. The Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue development project was initiated in 1989 by Nyoman Nuarta. Its construction was halted in 1998 due to the financial crisis that hit Indonesia. Then in September 2018, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue was inaugurated and opened to the public.

2. Kuta waterfront

A vacation to Bali doesn’t feel right if you haven’t done seaside tourism and enjoyed the clean sea water on the island of Bali. One of the most famous seaside tourist destinations in Bali is Kuta Beach. This beach has a very strategic location, namely in Kuta which is also the central point of tourist attractions on the island of Bali.

This 1,500 m long beach has a white sandy beach that stretches for 4 km. And is often used as a spot for swimming, surfing, and just to enjoy the sunset.

Previously, Kuta Beach was a habitat for turtles, but now the existence of these turtles is threatened with extinction. Making it an animal protected by the government. If you are lucky, you can see the process of releasing baby turtles into the open sea on the outskirts of Kuta Beach. The payment that you need to redeem to enjoy the beauty of this nature is almost free. At least you only need to pay for parking the vehicle.

3. Bali Uluwatu Luhur Temple

For those of you who have a preference for tours to religious holy places. You can do a temple tour by visiting the Uluwatu Temple. The attractiveness of Uluwatu Temple is its very beautiful location. Which is located on a cliff with a height of 97 m above sea level. And is treated to a natural panorama of the Indian Ocean that stretches as far as the eye can see.

You can feel the sacred sensation along with the beautiful natural scenery offered by Uluwatu Temple. Not only that, you can also see the most famous Balinese dance, the Kecak Dance, which is played in the Uluwatu Temple area. captivate your eyes.

4. Bali Tegalalang Rice Terraces Tour

Bali tourism is not limited to seaside and temple tourism. You can also feel the cool atmosphere like on the mainland, precisely in the Ubud area. The expanse of terraces will spoil your eyes as long as they are located in the Tegalalang Terraces.

The fee to enter the Tegalalang Rice Terraces Tour only needs to pay for parking the vehicle. Unless you want to relax around the area, then you must be prepared to make a lot of money. Considering that this location is one of the tourist attractions that is often visited by foreign tourists. .

5. Bali Bird Park

If you are on vacation to Bali with your family, you can make Bali Bird Park one of your tourist destinations while in Bali. Bali Bird Park is a bird park located in Bali with an area of 2 hectares and can accommodate around a thousand birds of 250 different types of birds.

This place is also suitable as a guidance tour for your children. Because you can understand various types of birds native to Indonesia, Africa and South America. Not only that, there are also other animals such as Komodo dragons, snakes, iguanas, and many more that you can meet.

6. Tanah Lot Temple

Not only the Luhur Uluwatu Temple, there is also the Tanah Lot Temple which is one of the tourist attractions in Bali that you must visit. The attractiveness of Tanah Lot Temple lies in its location. Which is located on a large boulder and is located above the ocean. While the other one is located at the end of a cliff like the Luhur Uluwatu Temple.

Tanah Lot Temple will look like a temple in the middle of the sea when the sea water is high. And the beauty of the extraordinary sunset is complemented by the silhouette of the temple that adds to the beauty of Tanah Lot.

Thus, it is not surprising that Bali has not become number one as the most popular tourist destination in the world. Because it is supported by its various natural wealth and not least the tourism infrastructure. Most of which are already of international standard.